We address to existing SMEs and startups, which are in the development phase of an innovative product or service and who need a sales force and marketing to find new customers and open new markets. The goal is to bring the business in the short term while opening the trade routes that will allow the business to grow in the long term.


  • Establishment of sales targets and monitoring.

  • Visit customers and getting orders.

  • Implementation of CRM



Our Services

We are not going to tell you what to do.
We are going to do it together!

Product Management


Business Plan










Business Model




In addition to the game '' Seller 'traditional, we bring our experience and strategic analysis and planning capabilities, particularly useful in the first commercial choices (which customers?, Which markets? What business model?).


  • Creation of suitable distribution networks.

  • Discover opportunities related markets.


Business Model

Product Management

Being in direct contact with customers, we will help you to segment and prioritize applications and markets to position and differentiate your product offering and services to competition.


  • Active participation in the definition of Product mix by market segment.

  • Establishment of the pricing policy

  • Analysis of competition



When the '' pump primed '', our services can be replaced or supplemented by an individual or an internal team.

We can help you:


  • Plan your team and recruiting sales and marketing.

  • Develop commercial and wage policies budgets.

  • Train and coach newcomers


Structure and organisation 


Marketing and Communication

Often neglected in favor of form, we will help formalize the content of your message and to highlight the key elements while ensuring consistency across your different communication tools.


  • Creation of content products sheets, brochures, web sites ...

  • Planning and management of fairs and customer events.

  • Relationship with the specialized press 



We have established many business plans for companies established in the world. This experience will be valuable for establishing and monitoring the investments needed to launch a new product, a new service or a new business.


  • Fundraising

  • Creation of subsidiaries or branches

  • Preparation and participation at meetings of shareholders


Business Plan

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